Friday, September 2, 2011

Wake Me up When September Ends - Green Day

Yes, Bryan,

Fall is here.  A fall, is here.  Time for sneezing and time for cheer.

Well, you catch my drift.

Today marks my first post in September and we are already up to 7150 page views, not to mention that we have our 100th post tomorrow, which is a huge leap for us.  We should probably hope that nothing happens after 100 posts on our blog to make it funky.

It’s Friday, which for the time being means that I will post numerous media resources in an effort to make my blogging quick to compensate for my lack of time.

Here is my first one.  Bryan, not only do they sing to my name, but they also sing a song that we will be using for our religion project.

Okay, so many people have been wondering what Bryan’s punishment will be, including me.  After long meditation and contemplation, I have determined the optimal punishment that is neither too difficult nor too torturous.

Bryan, you will be glorifying all the ways in which I am better than you to the tune of Animal by Neon Trees.  Please be aware that if you just change a few words, then I will just make you do another song, so do it right the first time!  Lastly, I do give you permission to change parts of the music part so long as you keep the song recognizable.

Here is the song in case you have not heard it recently.

Until tomorrow,
Sing purdy, Bryan!

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