Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sorry - Buckcherry

So as you all now know, Bryan and I are officially retiring our positions on TPA.  Today is a perfect example of why this has been forced upon us.

My agenda for today was school, German homework, TPA blogging, then 5 poems to read and write about, 3 more blogs to post, an article to find and analyze, and a newspaper story to write.  You see which the those is least important?  TPA.

Both of us are at a point where we want to keep posting, but it truly does feel like a chore for us.  During the summer, it was starting to get tiring, but it never caused me stress knowing that it was basically my homework every other night.

When Bryan forgot to post that day, I could have easily called that it would happen.  It was easy to predict.  Friday's are full of festivities crammed into a 9 hour period of time.  Bryan and I literally have 15 minutes some nights to post our blogs if we don't feel like pre-writing all of these blogs.

We hope that you all will go on with your lives once we stop.  Thank you all for your support as we accumulated over 100 posts in just over 3 months.  My personal goal was 1,000 page views when we started this adventure.  In less than a quarter of the time allotted, we SHATTERED my goal.

So until tomorrow Bryan,
What shall we do to conclude this?

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