Sunday, May 22, 2011

Welcome to "Two Planes in the Asymptote"

From May 28, 2011, through their own graduation in 2012, Max Browning and Bryan Rainey will post entries on “Two Planes in the Asymptote” every other day, alternating days. Modeled after Hank and John Green’s Brotherhood 2.0 project of 2007, this blog will be the only means of Internet communication between Max and Bryan during their senior year. To ensure orderly entertainment, “Two Planes in the Asymptote” has the following set of rules:
  1. On May 28, 2011, Bryan will post his first blog entry. The next day, Max will post his first entry, and they will continue to alternate days until their senior graduation. If either blogger is without Internet access on a day assigned to him, he may compose the post in advance and ask a relative or close friend to publish it under his name.
  2. Blog posts may consist of a maximum of 200π words, rounded down to 628 words. Pictures will count as 50 words, and any other multimedia such as music or video will count as 150 words. Pictures, music, and video must be embedded in the posts -- in other words, no linking. Only the bodies of posts are subject to the word limit.
  3. With the exception of this blog and school-related projects, Max and Bryan may not communicate with one another on the Internet. Internet communication includes -- but is not limited to -- all aspects of instant messaging, e-mail, and Facebook. Liking, commenting, messaging, poking, chatting and tagging are examples of communication on Facebook.
  4. Max and Bryan may issue each other challenges. If the other blogger accepts the challenge, they will compete for the winning title. Challenges based on subjectivity will require audience polling, which will be open for twenty-four hours.
  5. If either Max or Bryan fails to follow the above rules or loses a challenge, the other blogger is required to punish the offender or loser. Punishments can be anything from an obligatory blog prompt to videotaped physical discomfort. To prevent bloodshed, two appointed persons will have the veto power: Ben Susemichel for Max and Jacob Pollard for Bryan.


    1. This excites me. I will warn you; I am a punishment monger.

    2. Is this real life...?

    3. I think you guys should have a German week.

    4. I'mma go ahead and do what I thought you meant for me to do.
      A is for apples. They make me itchy.
      B is for bees. They... also make me itchy. Hm.
      C is for candles. They make fire.
      D is for dragons. They also make fire sometimes.
      E is for envelopes. They are sometimes abominably sticky.
      F is for friends who do stuff together. They are preferably not sticky.
      G is for Goldstein. Anthony Goldstein.
      H is for hockey and also Happy Gilmore.
      I is for isotopes because you probably like them or something.
      J is for jam. Not jelly.
      K is for Ko-op LEGO Harry Potter.
      L is for lemons. The anthropomorphic ones are sad.
      M is for mountain goats. They sing songs.
      N is for nanny goats. They do not watch people's children.
      O is for oranges. The anthropomorphic ones probably do the hula or something like that.
      P is for pestilence. That's a bummer, dude.
      Q is for Quail-Man. He fights evil with patience, intelligence, speed, and the "Quail-Eye."
      R is for rainbows. Pink, fluffy unicorns dance on them.
      S is for Slytherin. That particular "s" should be shaped like a snake, because why not?
      T is for tupperware. Parties.
      U is for umbrellas. They're nice when it rains.
      V is for victory. They're better when it does not rain.
      W is for winning. It's virtually the same thing as victory.
      X is for xylophone because--let's be honest-- what else can it really stand for?
      Y is for yams. I have never had one, but they were in our cabinet for a long time once, until a canned food drive happened.
      Z is for zebra. They can coexist peacefully with gazelles.

    5. A is for Abby who is really funny and creative.
      Also this blog looks great!

    6. I can't believe E is beating Y in the vowel poll. No me gusta.

    7. A is clearly the best because Abby and grades and also my blood type. Two of those are just for me. But eeeeverybodylikesgettingAaaaaa's! Confusing apostrophe rules are confusing.