Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Facts of Life - Lazyboy

Bryan, you may have let down your promise of a weekly Question Monday, but I will continue to post my Top Ten Tuesday on every on which Tuesday that I post.

Today’s topic of discussion, as told earlier, will be my top ten general truths of life.  Bryan, these are all sentences that are so true, that it seems useless to state them, but they really make you think.

Without further ado, here goes something.

Right now, I am as old as I have ever been, but while I typed this, it made my sentence a lie.  The more depressing version of this is that right now is the youngest I will ever be in the future.  Unfortunately, I have aged about twenty seconds since I posted that last sentence.

You cannot see time.  Okay, this should be understood, but anything that I cannot see scares me.  If I cannot see time, then how will I ever know if it truly flies or if I have lost track of it?  So much pressure Bryan!

Winter is not cold; it simply lacks heat.  Bryan, nothing is cold per se, but I would have to agree that it certainly is not warm.  The sun warms up Earth, but I have never heard of an anti-sun that magically cools down the Earth.

Normal people dream every night when they sleep.  So Bryan, I suppose nothing is worse (as I believe you showed in an earlier post) than having this great dream where you were king of the world, but you forget it by the time you wake up, but I cannot actually remember ever having this feeling.

We taste with our tongue.  Bryan, if food does not look good, then it does not reach my mouth no matter how many people try to talk me into eating it.  I must disagree with this “generally accepted truth,” and I suppose call it a “half-heartedly accepted lie.”

There is a fine line between bullying and teasing.  Bryan, that statement is only true when you draw a line between the two; otherwise, there is simply a small difference.

Black is not a color.  Bryan, this has never really fazed me until a few days ago that black is not actually ever black.  I looked outside at 2:00 a.m. the other day and was amazed at how dark it was, but no matter how little I could see, I could always see something.

Had we never met, then I would not have known you the way I do now.  Sure, I may have seen you in the hall, leading to me knowing your name, but would I ever start a blog with some random person who I see in the hall on a semi-daily basis?

Of all the places I could be right now, I am right here.  Think about that Bryan; you could be in Brazil right now speaking Portuguese, and I would have never met you and this blog never would have been started.  On a more feasible side, I could be at Harvard right now and have forgotten about you.

“Twinkle, Twinkle” and the ABC’s are both sung to the same tune.  Seriously, people, grab a friend and have both of you begin to sing at the same time and you will quickly realize the coincidence.

Okay Bryan, those are some generally accepted truths, along with some not so accepted truths.  I hope you enjoyed them, and I will keep thinking of fun top ten lists.

Until tomorrow, Bryan,
Stop singing those songs, people are staring!


  1. Time-y facts are scary ones. o.O

  2. So there's also no such thing as darkness, only the absence of light?

    Also, "Baa Baa Black Sheep" fits as well.

  3. One cannot "lack" heat. Don't be silly.

  4. You can lack heat if your body temperature is at absolute 0. Don't be silly.

  5. Absolute zero, however, has never been reached and is largely considered a hypothetical concept. Don't be silly.

  6. I love all the comments I managed to get related to chemistry on this... now stop it! You all know how I felt about that class :(

  7. so, im pretty sure i told u about twinkle twinkle and abc.
    just saying.