Thursday, September 8, 2011

Come Together - Beatles

Bryan, we have a predicament.

This morning, I wake up to see two texts from Bryan.

Mm, let me be honest about that – your comment was not loaded on my computer when I posted that.  I was very conscious of not wanting another punishment

, and I thought I was first. *nodnod*

For those of you who are as I was when I received this text, his hysteria roots from this picture.

Now Bryan, I would ordinarily agree with you judging by the times, but the fact that you even mentioned me makes me suspicious.  We talked earlier and I said that I would not give you another punishment, but that obviously does not mean that you are off the hook.

Bryan, in addition to your current song that you are writing, I want you to be wearing a strange attire when you are recording it.  I think that this is a fair addition to your current punishment under the given circumstances.

I must point out that you have now broken three rules, while I have yet to break any.

This post is too serious; I must break it up with a song!

Do you watch

Anyways, I hope you enjoy PopLyfe as much as I do!

Until tomorrow, Bryan,
I should probably start on that poster!


  1. Poster chicken! No one will understand this. =|

  2. I would argue that since he said "on behalf of," he thought he posted before you got to it. HOWEVER, I completely agree with the addition to the punishment.