Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Math - Hilary Duff

Hallo Bryan,

I hope that all is going well in the world of punishments.

Today, I really want to go over some of our blog’s statistics.

Here goes nothing.
  • 7249 views have been looked upon our page all time.
  • 7,048 views were made from the U.S.
  • 2,651 views were made in June, making it our most popular month.
  • 488 views were made on an iPod.
  • 277 comments have been made.
  • 262 people viewed us after a link on Facebook.
  • 235 people found us through Google.
  • 189 page views have already came in September.
  • 187 views were made on mobile Safari.
  • 147 views have been made on our original post with the rules.
  • 101 posts have been posted on this blog.
  • 78 of our views are from Germany.
  • 68 views were made on Bryan’s bonus, punishment post.
  • 60 people are currently creeping on us.
  • 45 views were made on Max’s punishment post.
  • 35 views were made on an iPad.
  • 19 views come from over the sea in Ireland.
  • 13 comments were made on Bryan’s post “Four apples; awesome pants” making it the most commented upon post.
  • 3 punishments have been issued.
  • 2 punishments have been completed.
  • 1 day Bryan forgot to post.
  • 0 comments have been marked as spam.
That is a quick look at some of the statistics, which I found interesting.

I still have 400 words to play around with Bryan, so I will continue this post after a quick break.

Okay, I am back.
Bryan, your poll confuses me.  Why would anyone in the right mind want bacon in their Frappuccino?  Actually, why would anyone want any meat in a drink at all?
Rant over.
I still have just under 200 words to work with so I will give you all a sneak peak on my upcoming Top Ten Tuesday.
Bryan, I have been tossing around ideas, but I think I will post about some general facts of life I have learned throughout my life.
They will be just blatantly obvious facts that hold a general truth.  They are like paradoxes, but they are not.
Until tomorrow Bryan,
I am always good to the last drop.


  1. Hahahahha when I saw the title of this post I laughed...Never knew you were a Hilary Duff fan

  2. Bacon frappuccino: don't knock it 'til you've tried it. Not that I have--it sounds kind of sketchy.