Saturday, September 3, 2011


I just thought of something, Max -- PUN-ishment. I'm going to work on that over the next week. I have to listen to it a lot, and then I have to spend quality time on the lyrics, and then I need to practice for a while. It will happen sometime.

Do I regret not posting last Friday? Let me answer your question with an exclamation.

I get to celebrate the hundredth post of TPA! Yay!

Technically, two of our posts are not really posts. The first post has the rules, and June 19th's post was a bonus post. Either way you count it, I'm getting the hundredth post in this deal.

Today, Max and I walked and marched in the Miracle Mile Parade, respectively. I don't know about Max, but I got to Roncalli at ten, and then from about ten thirty to two thirty, I suffered from a horrible lack of air conditioning. And my arms were shiny after a while. And I drank four bottles of water and peed a LOT when I got back to Roncalli. I couldn't pee at the parade because none of the facilities were unportable.

Max and I had two different jobs at the parade. He walked with Stu Co behind the bus, and his job was to cheer and wave flags. I walked behind those people and in front of the band, and my job was to blow my whistle and sweat a lot. It was actually really hard to march between those two groups of people. The drumline would be playing a cadence in one meter, and Stu Co would be shaking their booties at a different tempo, and I got off a couple of times because of distractions.

My poooint is that Max and I have been doing TPA for one hundred (or ninety-eight) posts, and I'm not the kind of person who would enjoy shaking my booty in front of lots of people, and he's not the kind of person who would enjoy playing an instrument in front of lots of people, but we got to march in the same parade.

But that's life, I suppose! You go along and then suddenly -- poof!



The first marching band song I played was "Everybody's Everything," and this is the last marching band song I'm going to play:


  1. It's the worst when none of the facilities are unportable.

  2. you gotta shake a booty, shake a booty, shake shake-ahh.